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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Introducing New Products

Any Entrepreneur or a company would begin giving solutions to existing products. Once the company has made its stand in the market, they slowly begin making advances and bring out innovative products of their own.Several companies fail when they try to introduce new products into the market. There are several reasons for this. Companies are often enamored of their new product ideas that they fail to do their research, or they ignore what the research tells them. Sometimes the pricing or the distribution channels are wrong. Sometimes the advertising doesn't communicate. Some do not understand the need and the market or their competitors.

If a product launch has to be successful then one has to have a constructive research in place. The research must be integrated and well researched so that one can solve front end issues.
Here are methods which our marketing and sales team follow before We launch a new product.

Market research:

We would not want to fly in a storm and crash land with our new products.Our Marketing ans sales team first analysis the product, run a Market research which does more than just confirm their gut feelings, it provides us with information and gives us a good direction. It identifies market needs and wants, product features, pricing, decision makers, distribution channels, motivation to buy. They're all critical to the decision process.


All elements of the process are coordinated. The production to the product is marked to the scheduled of the product launch or demo date. A set time frame for the roll out is planned. Many products need to be timed to critical points in the business cycle. Miss it, and invite failure.There are marketing tales galore about companies making new product announcements and then having to reannounce when the product lags behind in manufacturing. The result is loss of credibility, loss of sales, and another failure.


We have an advanced QA and testing team who test the product before we launch it. Test-Market the product making sure that it has all the features the customer wants. We also make sure that the product demo is running smoothly. 


Who sells the product? Our independent sales representatives have sufficient sales potential in the new product to convince a distributor, retailer, or agent to take on the new line. They will give you an assurance for the investment of your time and money.


Finally our promotional team joins in. They will support the product by supporting, introducing, advertising, Web site, seminars, public relations. 
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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Automate your living

Use of various control systems for operating various equipment such as machinery, processes in factories, boilers and heat treating ovens, switching in telephone networks, steering and stabilization of ships, aircraft and other applications with minimal or reduced human intervention are few of the common automation areas we have heard about.
Technologists have made our lives easier and luxurious, with automation tools for our homes and hotels. The biggest benefit of automation is that it saves labour. In reference to homes and hotels it is also used to save energy and materials and to improve quality, accuracy and precision.
Automation for living areas are done with the use of  the use of computer and information technology to control home appliances and features (such as windows or lighting). Systems can range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-controller based networks with varying degrees of intelligence and automation. These are also used for the purpose of ease, security and energy efficiency. 
Many Tasks are automated by the development of specialized automated appliances. An example of remote monitoring in home automation could be triggered when a smoke detector detects a fire or smoke condition, causing all lights in the house to blink to alert any occupants of the house to the possible emergency. If the house is equipped with a home theater, a home automation system can shut down all audio and video components to avoid distractions, or make an audible announcement. The system could also call the home owner on their mobile phone to alert them, or call the fire department or alarm monitoring company. 
Elements of home and hospitality include sensors (such as temperature, daylight, or motion detection), controllers (such as a general-purpose personal computer or a dedicated automation controller) and actuators, such as motorized valves, light switches, motors, and others.
One or more human-machine interface devices are required, so that the residents of the place can interact with the system for monitoring and control; this may be a specialized terminal or, increasingly, may be an application running on a smart phone or tablet computer. Devices may communicate over dedicated wiring, or over a wired network, or wireless  using one or more protocols. Building automation networks developed for institutional or commercial buildings may be adapted to control in individual residences. A centralized controller can be used, or multiple intelligent devices can be distributed around the home.
All people have to do is install any good home automation package and live smart, controlled at your finger tips life. 
For guest who use automation at a hotel, enjoy luxurious stay and a relaxed holiday. 

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