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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Welcome Everybody

Hello People,

This is a blog maintained by Arowana group of Companies, comprising of Arowana Consulting Limited and Arowana Studios. This is a fun place to be. We will be posting articles and other material depicting the creative and zany side of our little community of employees, their family members and friends. Do drop in, contribute, leave a comment or just browse through. We will be delighted to receive your feedback. We try and see that originality is maintained. But the virtual world is hardly a place for realism. So suggest good articles, crazy photographs, thought provoking insights, anecdotes or jokes. 

This is where we let our hair down. To those of us who do not have hair, feel free to let your pants down. 


The Administrator


  1. Hi, its nice to be part of this family called 'group arowana'. i liked talefin and would like to see it revived ( Thampiji, if need be you can give it some mouth to mouth resuscitation). would like to hear from others what they feel about talefin. i think other than our editor's obsession with certain parts of human anatomy, it was a good enough for family consumption :) so please , pull up your pants and lets have some fun interaction.

  2. Hi Unni

    Thank you. Let us hear from you now.

    I need some quality material to post here.