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Monday, 24 March 2014

Managing staff travels with DART

Duty and Recreational travel, is an application developed specifically for the Airline industry, which addresses the Airline Company’s Staff travel needs.
Discounted or free travel is one of the best motivational tools in the airline industry. The airlines thus benefit from attracting quality resources and gain additional revenues.
Airlines around the world find it complex enough to handle the Staff travel needs of its employees.
At Arowana Consulting, we have developed Duty and Recreational Travel with our long and vast expertise in the airline domain to simply this ticketing process.
Any airline would have to offer Duty and Recreational travel tickets to its employees/partners. DART automates the process and can distinguish between Duty (Free Travel) and Recreational (Free or discounted travel) to meet the needs of the company.
By engaging DART, the airlines can save costs, time and nullify errors caused by human intervention.
DART has matured as a product and is implemented across many airline companies around the world.
DART integrates with the ERP of the airline this enables DART to seamlessly integrate with the company details, and eliminate manual entry or duplication of work
 DART also provides seamless integration with various third party interfaces such as the various GDS, payment gateways etc. 
Arowana Consulting has partnered with industry stalwarts to build DART. Hence, DART has the unique ability to interface with all the reputed GDS from across the globe.
Over the last 2 years DART has matured as a product. Our latest implementation has just gone live a few weeks ago in 2014 for one of the largest private commercial airline in India. The latest implementation was one of the most challenging ones. Globally airlines were facing different set of challenges, with the implementation of DART we are sure the customer is now equipped to face these on a better footing.
The last implementation had many technical challenges but with Arowana’s unique capabilities we have overcome them with ease.
DART has since evolved as a product that in future,  can be delivered as a product to any of the airlines companies in minimal time with keeping up the same quality of DART for which it is renowned.

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