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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Arowana’s Solutions

At Arowana we understand that ‘off-the-shelf’ products and solutions cannot fully meet any Organization’s automation requirements. Tailor made solutions will then have to be built to work in conjunction with the software to bridge the gap.
‘Off the shelf’ products come with many unwanted bells and whistles. All these come at an additional cost. Besides they need additional investments in both Hardware, in licences and they consume valuable resources which in turn creates a pressure on Infrastructure.
As a CMMI Level 3 Compliant Organization, we have systems and processes in place. We are passionately devoted to agreed timelines and Quality. Our well-equipped Development centres are staffed with competent delivery teams that can handle projects in emerging technologies. Our Development teams are trained routinely on all technologies. We have an In-house Quality Testing Centre of Excellence with skilled resources and latest tools which, certifies all releases after comprehensive testing.
Arowana understands the challenges in Managing and implementing projects. We have competent in house functional consultants, Solution Architects, technologists and Business Analysts that can understand your Business, accurately scope the tasks to deliver the products and solutions needed. One of the biggest concerns is often the interfacing capabilities of the solutions. This is where Arowana’s vast experience is Product and solution engineering comes in. We can provide solutions that can be optimized to suit your requirements and work seamlessly with your existing investments, to enable you to get a good user experience. 

Our Consultants and Analysts will study your existing investments, understand your pain areas and work with you in building solutions that will enable you to increase efficiencies.  Arowana will be a reliable and credible partner in your endeavours to achieve better utilization. We can help you upgrade and use emerging technologies to leverage optimum results in your pursuit for growth.


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