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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Goodbye 2014, Say Hi 2015!

“Did you just say 365 days are over?” That means a year has come to an end! It felt like just yesterday we wished each other happy new year and now the year has come to an end.
Every day is a routine for each one of us, we only know a change in the day when we wrote a mail or looked at our calendars to see if our project deadlines had neared.  Each of us mourned and pinned on a Monday mornings and danced crazily on Friday afternoons to celebrate the beginning and the end of the week. Four weeks completed a month and soon 12 months have nearly closed a year.

Amidst these mundane working days, every employee at Arowana has had fun along the days of work. If we were to wind the grandfather’s clock of 2014 and take a look at all the activities that have taken place at Arowana. Then here is a gist of it:

Set a resolution target, what are we going to do this year? How many projects will go live? Some resolved to join Arowana toastmasters club, some resolved to learn new software and a few others decided to take up challenges. January brought with a year of challenges, expectations and resolution breaker as well. Arowana Bangalore decided to open the year with a corporate outing to Mango Mist. 

The month with 28 days. Count down began for project go lives from this month. Two Projects had gone live Emaar Retail development Phase II and Du Recon Application Development. The Amazing team award went to Sadiq and his team for their meticulous work.

The month when the ice begins to melt, mostly in countries where it snows. At Arowana the ice began to melt with the rigorous work and effort for CMMI appraisals. The heat began to rise; projects were lined up, project heads and team leads trained for vivas. It was like Arowana appearing for its 10th board exam. We                                also celebrated International Women’s Day, leaving all the men in envy’s fury.

The summer heat had set in and so were the results of CMMI appraisal. All the members behind the CMMI process bit their nails in anxiousness as the results were announced, “Arowana has been appraised at CMMI Level 3.” It was a midsummer’s night dream come true. The team celebrated at “The Metro” (not the                              station, restaurant to be specific).

Jet Airways Staff travel Management system took its first flight, with the project go live. STMS was rebranded as DART. The creative team of Arowana decided to screen movies every Friday and they began their small initiative with le’ Club. Our most awaited self cum reporting manger’s appraisal results were out. This is the                                    month of actual yearly target  setter

Woh! 6 months already? What is new this month? NBAD development PADGRS project goes live and Lagarccon POS Project goes live. Arowana Toastmasters Club became a distinguished Toastmasters club, completed a year and nominated a new set of Role bearers. 

We all know that Women are 'Kitchen Queens', what we do not know is that women seldom get bored eating their own cooked meal. All the women of Arowana decided to stir their pots and pans together and cook for each other which they called ‘pot luck’.  Arowana has recognized a whole lot of talent in its resources. Each of these talents need to appreciated for their efforts in making the                              company better. A whole lot of employees were recognized and appreciated for                                    their work.

“Sare jahan se acha, hindustan hamaara”, Arowana celebrated Independence Day with a patriotic spirit. All the employees dressed in their best Ethnic attire. As the August rush ended and the monsoons set in OIC HRMS project went live. Design and Content team released the first corporate Newsletter of Arowana “Impressionist”.  Arowana Toastmasters club completed 50 meets.

The month of festivity and flowers. Onam, the harvesting festival of Kerala was celebrated in all grandeur.  TA team of Arowana celebrates the arrival of their 100th candidate. 

Leaves fall the weather gets pleasant. 10 days of Dasara begins, Arowana celebrates Dasara with Ayudha pooja. This time Kenya Airways Staff Travel Management Development Phase II takes a flight. At the beginning of this month TALK committee began their month long cultural preparation for Kannada Rajyotsava. Arowana featured as one of the top 20 promising enterprise in CIO                                    review magazine. Arowana Toastmasters Club had their first area level contest.                                   Arowana won fastest five Award and Chetana from design team won Triple Crown                             award.

“Elladaru iru enthadaru iru endendigu nee kannadavaagiru” TALK committee put up a Cultural extravaganza on the occasion of Kannada Rajyothsava. Emaar development booking engine went live. The best Talefin edition Halloween was celebrated in a spooky manner. Arowana Dubai had their first pool table tournament. All the men who got envious in the month of March had their day as                                  Arowana Celebrated International Men’s day this year. Our website got good                                         visibility through SEO activities.

Time to pull out your warm clothes, deck the halls of Arowana. Close all those pending projects and wait for your secret Santa task. Arowana Dubai and Bangalore celebrated Christmas. Bid farewell to 2014 and began to prepare for a challenging new year.

Well!! This was Arowana’s 12 month long journey of 2014. A little bit of tension, A little bit of fun. Arowana enjoyed every bit of the old year and are ready to welcome the new. Let us see what is in store for our upcoming year 2015.

Wish you all a joyful and a prosperous New Year 2015.

A small gist of 2014 events

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