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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lessons in Forgetting

In the year 2010, we formed a subsidiary called Arowana Studios, with an intent to promote creative talents in fresh minds. Also to produce good movies and entertain. Profit was not the motive. There were so many talented people all over and they needed a platform where they can showcase their ideas to the world. We wanted to give them this platform.

Today we have been rewarded and recognized for the work we have done. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting which selects the finest movies and bestows a rare honour by recognizing the effort and talent, has chosen ‘LESSONS IN FORGETTING’ , produced by us as the best English Language movie of the year 2012. This has received wide press coverage globally.

While the entire team needs to be congratulated, I wish to point out that almost all people involved with the making of the movie were new comers. And together as a team, they pulled off ’The Best  Movie’ award.

Lessons in forgetting was produced by Mr. Prince on behalf of Arowana Studios, Directed by Unni Vijayan with Vishwamangal Kitsu as the Director of Photography.  The Stars are Adil Hussain, Maya Tideman, Roshni Achreja and Raghav Chanana.

The movie will be released on April 19th 2013 and it has already created a buzz as it deals with very critical social issues such as ‘Female Foeticide’, Female Infanticide & Gender Violence, all troubling subjects in today’s context.

Please join me in wishing the team many more successes in the days to come.  Prince can be reached at and Unni Vijayan at

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