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Friday, 11 October 2013


Hyperion Solutions Corporation was a Web-based financial software application that delivers highly scalable financial management software solution. The products of Hyperion solutions are specifically developed for the areas like business intelligence and business performance management, and as of 2012 are still actively developed and sold by Oracle as ORACLE HYPIRION products.
The new user interface supports navigation across multiple applications as well as access to multiple modules and documents in an application. We can also view dimension member properties from the Member Selector, data forms, data grids, journals, or Process Management, use Hyperion software to help translate strategies into workable plans, monitor their execution and gain insight to improve financial and operational performance .
The acquisition of Hyperion extend our business intelligence product strategy. Customers are increasingly using performance management and business intelligence together. Hyperion adds complementary products to Oracle's business intelligence offerings including a leading enterprise planning solution, world-class financial close and reporting products, and a powerful multi-source OLAP server. Coupled with Oracle's BI tools and pre-packaged analytic applications, the combination redefines business intelligence and performance management by providing the first integrated , end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System that spans planning, financial close, operational analytic applications, BI tools, reporting, and data integration, all on a unified BI platform.
Hyperion Financial Management utilizes today's most advanced technology, yet is built to be owned and maintained by the enterprise's finance team. It provides the ability to create an application with more than four custom dimensions.  You can also create additional custom dimensions for existing HFM applications. The HFM application server tier is also the data source. Therefore, there is no need to push consolidated results to another repository to make the results available for reporting enabling real-time reporting against consolidated results. HFM manages the consolidation entries necessary for organizations that have direct and indirect interests in multiple organizations and complex cross-ownership situations through multiple organization hierarchies and predefined business rules. In addition, the process of determining effective ownership, ultimate percent control, and proper consolidation method is done automatically – no manual intervention is required.
Hyperion Financial Close Suite applications and Business Intelligence technology, it provides a unified solution that can be very quickly deployed with out-of-the-box integration as well as packaged dashboards and analytics.


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