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Friday, 4 April 2014

Corporate Security Application

Corporate Security Application allows Etihad Airways (EA) to automate the current manual process of ID Card Management, Car Parking Stickers, Airport Passes & Security Key Management which will cover all relevant EA staff & contractors who are entitled or want to request these services from the Security department. Also, there will be a Master Maintenance Admin which maintains the master data used in all the above Modules.
Corporate Security Application contains:

·    Web based pages to maintain the master date used in the all the Corporate Security Modules. This acts as Corporate Security Administrator.
·    Web based pages to create/view service requests for ID Cards, Car Parking Stickers, and Airport Passes.
·    Web based pages for security administrator to enter, key details, building details, check in and check out details for EA staff. 
·    Web based Pages for approval of requests.

Basic Business Needs:-

Corporate Security Application provides features that satisfy the following basic business needs.  The Application will address the following;
1.      Master Search page.
2.      Masters update page.
3.      Masters Details Page.
Corporate Security Modules:

Home Page to view for EA staff
·         ID Card request page
·         Car Parking Sticker request page
·         Airport Pass request page
·         User can request for self or on behalf of employee or contractors.
·         All the above pages have user details at the time of request creation.
·         Web based notifications to Approvers

Home Page for Security Administrators
·         Building maintenance page to add/edit details.
·         Keys details management page to add/edit details.
·         Area details management page to add/edit area of access details
·         Approver details management to add/edit approver details


Automation of Requisition

One of the major features of this module is to provide an intuitive and comprehensive system to facilitate the requisition of items and provide the central repository for storing access detail information for ID cards, parking stickers, airport pass and security keys. Users should be able to create requests for self or on behalf of others.

Automation of Approval

As part of the requisition, the approval process will be automated. Approvers will get notifications of the requests through Microsoft Outlook or Oracle work list to action by Approving or Rejecting or Returning to the requestor to rework.

Automation of item issue      

Once the request is approved and items are available on stock, the Security Administrator will have the provision to issue items against requests.

Technology Stack:-

Oracle Apps, jDeveloper-9i, Work Flow, Toad.



Using a small, highly-efficient project team Arowana Consulting worked with Etihad to build a new application for all the modules.
To meet the tight deadlines, the implementation team utilized a phased approach and released the different build versions for testing.
Phase 1 mainly focused on designing the application structure by mapping to the data base and completion of the basic flow of the application. This allowed the team to test the application for the efficiency of the application.
Phase 2 and 3 was more of enhancing the basic implementation and deployment of advanced workflow into the application to automate the process of requisition, approval and issue.
The end-users were able to provide there feedbacks through frequent demo sessions for each and every phase of development and implementation, which assisted us in providing hands-on training sessions, experiential learning and educating the end-users before the solution went live. This helped to ensure that the solution was closely tailored to the executive team’s needs, and both the business and IT stockholders had a clear understanding of the solution.

·         User friendly front end application which will help the end user when operating the system.
·         Role based responsibility helps in the process of approval.
·         Automated the process of requisition, approval and issue by sending workflow notifications.

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