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Monday, 7 April 2014

Within Large and successful Organizations the Corporate Treasury Department manages corporate
finances, and ensures judicious use of surpluses in Investment/ deposits and Money Market operations
and also raises cost effective finance for the Organization’s short term and long term operations. Apart
from these functions, the Treasury Department is also responsible for carrying out the Board’s directive
with reference to third party financial arrangements. In many Organizations, the lack of a proper Risk
management solution exposes the organization to several external influences. There are many Treasury
solutions in the market today. Many of them comes with innumerable bells and whistles, making the
product unwieldy, expensive, costly to maintain and also difficult to use or manage. ART (Arowana Risk and Treasury) from Arowana is the need of the hour. It is a straight forward Treasury and Risk Management solution that is easy to learn and use, which addresses the Organizations risk concerns and ensures that the agreed policies are practised without deviation and appropriate checks and balances are in place to protect Organizations cash assets and financial exposure.

ART is suitable for all Organizations, involved with day to day Market operations in the Money Markets and Currency Markets. ART interfaces with ERP solutions, Business Intelligence and Dashboard Applications, which means that the day to day operations of your Treasury desk is transparent and can be monitored effectively.


  • Addresses all Treasury management and reporting needs in a single, streamlined system
  • Improves security coverage, portfolio accounting and performance measurement
  • Helps eliminate redundant entries and reduces errors
  • Connects to clearing banks to off er integrated Treasury processes from the front- to back-office
  • Provides a real-time, online system that gives up-to-the minute balances and exposure status
  • throughout the day.
  • Fixed-Income Module- an accounting system for fixed-income securities that is designed to comply with local regulations.
  • Money Markets - a collection of funding options for the institution and its clients.
  • Investment Management - functionality that includes real-time portfolio accounting, reporting and management services
  • Safekeeping- functionality that provides online, real-time information, transaction processing, and customer statements and reporting.
  • Sales and Trading- a module for executing and managing securities transactions, providing immediate position updates, event notifications and integrated online reports
  • Similar modules for Foreign Exchange, Equities and their Derivatives.

Key Features

  • Improves security coverage, portfolio accounting and performance measurement
  • Allows automation of internal processes
  • Automatically integrates transactions into general ledger, asset and risk management systems
  • Keeps local regulations-compliant records with a minimum of human intervention
  • Allows users to easily generate a range of compliance reports and statements
  • Gives users the ability to customize the accounting system to improve their business
  • Commits to flexible terms and interest rate structures
  • Links directly to depositories and custodian banks
  • Offers online trade approval, with automatic calculation of broker and sales commissions and automatic generations of confirmations

ART is designed in Java environment. The output provided to the ERP systems can help the ERP business users to automatically generate vouchers and update the underlying General Ledger. ART is fully configurable and takes into account various intricate aspects related to the core treasury business. The Treasury Manager can configure business rules in the system, dynamically as per ever changing business demands. The proposed software solution will be the key to control the process and quality of treasury operations.

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