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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mobile Application Development

It is now becoming increasingly obvious that a Brand’s perceived image and control of the Brand is moving rapidly away from the Organization which owns the Brand and into the hands of the consumer.  Today’s consumer is predominantly tech savvy and uses smart phones and applications to consume services and an intuitive Mobile Application can thereby propagate a brand.

In the services sector, the Mobile Application is becoming more relevant due to the convenience factor, access and the speed of delivery. Mobile devices are now an extension of our personalities and preferences. It transforms the way people consumes and exchanges information, impacting every industry, process and business paradigms forcing ways and means to re-define, re-engineer and re-imagine the way we do business.
In the world of Finance, Hospitality, Travel and Entertainment, the Mobile Applications have clearly established their purpose and suitability. They are known to be hardy, secure, very reliable and cost effective. As a result other verticals and Domains are following suit and finding out that Mobile applications can indeed transform business models and turn traditional methods on its head in Advertising, Sales, reach and service delivery - all at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.
The success stories are too numerous to list or ignore. If you are in services or sales and need to attract customers, service and retain them, then a suitable set of mobile applications can make the difference between an awesome customer experience and disappointment. The interaction with a Customer is now 24x7 and happens globally spanning time zones. When combined with the computing power unheard of, these smart phones now seamlessly interact with GPS, Camera, Social Media, compass, Gyroscope and other devices and applications. Organizations are now forced to re-imagine their business process to harness the power of smart phones and it’s capabilities and come up with innovations that can synergize and catalyze their products and solutions.
At Arowana we can help you develop unique cross platform products that will perform on various mobile platforms such as Blackberry/ Android and IOS.
We have an enviable list of customers who have used our services and developed applications that have enabled them to achieve very high levels of customer satisfaction.

The development methodology follows standard protocols and there is a constant interaction to ensure that both the UI and UX conform to high standards. Our Support process enables you to keep the Application evolving and the end products are developed in a flexible and scalable manner.

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