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Monday, 28 April 2014

The Good The Bad The Appraisal

Generally there are four seasons – summer, winter, autumn and Spring. But there is also a fifth season for many of us. It’s the Performance Appraisal season. This season brings happiness in few and disappointments in others. Some have the fear of losing out on their Appraisal; some enjoy the appraisal with confidence enthusiasm. Whatever the reasons maybe, the performance appraisal season is where everybody is busy working to complete their projects and fulfil their Key Responsibility Areas.

Appraisal season is generally a stressful time for the employee and an equally tensed for the managers. The face-to-face confrontations, the discussions and finally coming to a common understanding.

For effective evaluation of the employees, performance appraisal is necessary. An individual is evaluated against the objects and standards that are set at the start of the year. Performance appraisals are a must for an individual; to plan his career and for an organization as a whole.

Appraisals become a much easier task if the managers meet their team members one-to-one and have discussions on their performance round the year. Discussions on work, career, projects, hobbies, likes and dislikes helps the employees to relax and makes the appraisal process a less daunting task.

Appraisals are important for a persons’ personal as well professional development. Accountability brings in a sense of responsibility. Appraisals bring in the feeling of accountability for the staff and the organization on the whole.

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