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Monday, 19 May 2014

Taste of Design

A few days back I was browsing through some Airline product sites as a part of my research on what a customer would feel while browsing through a product site. I was trying to place my foot in the shoes of an end user and look through his point of view on want would attract him to a particular product page. According to my taste I found a bunch of sites each with a different aspect to comment on. I found a few pages that were cluttered with the design and content put together. I found a few with heavy designs and loud colours. There were sites where I found the navigation confusing. I began to pen down my analysis in order to understand the design sense better.
The following evening I walked into a coffee shop and ordered for a cappuccino. As the waiter brought my coffee to my table, I began to notice the mug carefully. My coffee was served in a mug rather than a cup. The mug had cartoons on it, one look at the mug which got me thinking, it was not the coffee that had drew my attention, it was the presentation of the coffee. There was a sense of design in the presentation.
Design is best accepted by its presentation, how well you place your product on the platter of design would appeal to your users better. Design is what draws at least 60-70 percent of the users attention.
If design plays such a key role, what can we do to make our designs suit our products? The answer is simple "Design Thinking".
Design Thinking enables all aspects of how an end user uses an interactive product, the way it must feel in his hands, the way he must perceive the design, understand how it works, how they feel while using it, overall it must serve a purpose for the customer making it fit in the context of our usage.
While design thinking the designers must think on broad lines. He/ she must decide on the colour and font play. There must be a balance between warm and cool colours. Bold colours play too harsh on the eyes of a viewer, pastel colours may tend to be a strain. Rather use balanced and contrasted colours, that match the company colours as well, we would not want to lose our brand in the midst of a design.
The font must not be too stylish or too bold, a moderate standard and readable font will do well. Our customers will not be admiring the style of our fonts, but would be reading the content.
While designing we need to focus on our customers needs and not specifically on a technology alone. Intersession of business and technology would bring about innovative idea out of a brain stormed session. Design thinking is an iterative learning process wherein the team redefines the problem, creates a need finding, ideation, builds prototypes and tests the results. This process gives the designer a tangible approach at every level of the design understanding complex challenges.
Let us just explore and give our customers a taste of design.
Present the design well the product is bought. It is all about presenting a good design to a bunch of customers. The best user experience can be given to a customers with a balanced combination of design and technology. Let the user feel the design of the product.  

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