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Monday, 26 May 2014

DART- A staff travel Management system

Successful, leading Airlines across the globe provide travel benefits to their staff, depending on their roles and grades.  Managing airline staff travel is not only challenging, it carries significant operating costs.  Each airline has a policy of its own for their employee travel benefits.  Companies allow their employees to travel with some discounted travel benefits. Since the benefactor is a staff member of a particular airline, this feature is known as Staff Travel Management.

Travel Management is a specialized business, besides staff being travelers on an airline, there are numerous vendors and consults who travel on behalf of the airline, ticket reservations and cancellation are made available for them as well. STMS is an automated package; it eliminates manual errors and originates a proper work flow process. Separate administration is not necessary; each employee of the airline who is entitled to staff can administer his own benefits without having to visit staff travel desk. He can avail his benefits from his desk or over the internet as the system will clearly recognize his entitlements.


Arowana has developed a web based application, that facilities the management of staff travel on behalf of an airline, known as Duty and Recreation Travel (DART).   DART is a comprehensive Staff Travel solution that handles duty and leisure travel with seamlessly integrated reservation systems.  DART being a web based application facilitates to staff travel needs; It has a booking engine to carry out live air bookings. The automatic ticketing system reduces workload on the processing agents; it accurately eliminates human errors in computation of fares and taxes.
DART’s efficient ticket application process performs most of the checks at the time of applying, therefore reducing responsibility of processing agents. The tracking system used by the processing agents helps to track the requests of the requester and agent, eliminating risks of errors being lost en route.
The application is driven by a rules engine which manages the entitlements making it robust and flexible to manage.  There are various other interface applications employed to make use of the needed functionalities.
DART’s duty travel approval saves an employee time in approaching their supervisor. He can claim his expenses after returning from duty travel. The automated online transfer of Duty travel claims the amount to salary, thus saving manual input into financial system.
DART carters to global delivery systems. It helps provide various flight benefits to every employee irrespective of his role, grade or responsibilities, brought under the DART preview depending on the airline policies. However the scheme can be ruled out for existing, ex- employees, retired employees, vendors and guests of the airline. 
DART integrates with Sabre Reservation system or Amadeus , Oracle HRMS, Payroll and with various payment gateways to process payments through Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash Cards.

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