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Friday, 19 September 2014

Creating best solutions in an intelligent way

Today, many organizations are facing a crisis of data explosion. This information is so vast and dynamic that needs to be managed into defined, structured and useful information. Corporates use BI as a weapon to fight any fraud, abuse of material and to improve their business because it empowers decision makers at all levels of management.
Business Intelligence is also known as data warehousing as an organization’s information is consolidated to provide quick notifications of the organization’s business expectations, advanced reporting and analysis capabilities. This provides the ability to compare data in order to improve tactical and strategic management.
The process that enables Business Intelligence entails clear definition of business requirements, translated into technical terms by means of Extracting, Transforming, Loading / presenting data, often referred to as ETL or ETP.  Transformation of data into meaningful information requires the application of specific context, derived in a flexible manner. One of the biggest challenges in developing a data warehouse is determining the value of the data you keep. The successful data warehouse will be the result of a balancing act.
Good business Intelligence is the heart of every Organization and data is king, an enabling technology that provides the right context to the right person at the right time, which in turn gives an organization the insight they need to achieve real business agility.
Arowana’s Business Intelligence helps you to understand and embrace strategic planning for business growth, by identifying key trends and patterns in an organizations data. Arowana grants a 360 degree view of the business, enabling one to easily share data across business and give immediate access to vital customer and financial information. There are various tools which we use to integrate the information at fingertips for our customers.
While historically, business intelligence may have provided information at a management level only, extending the reach of business intelligence is becoming more important than ever. Simple, easy to use tools can be used by anyone across the business, helping you to share information across different departments and therefore save time on reporting and analytics.
The right approach to delivering information to the business is innovative thing and flexible designs. An organizations business may survive without applying BI, but must be tactfully enough to outsmart their competitors.

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