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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Striving for Excellence

The term Center of Excellence (COE) has become a popular jargon in the IT stream, a way of focusing attention in many organizations. Many organizations don’t just treat this as just another ‘excellence’ fad, in fact they try to incorporate the same in their organizational structure.
A CoE can be described as a department which performs its own routine work, in addition to this work they build on improving its own expertise and knowledge resources so that in turn it can help other activity centers throughout the organization to improve.  An organization has to look at both inside and outside the organization to capture new knowledge and practices. The CoE may therefore comprise a functional or cross-functional team which sets up as a physical or virtual team. “Knowledge Management”, is a defining feature of a CoE.
Arowana’s Center of Excellence is often described as a core facility which provides leadership, fosters best practices and implements a continuous improvement process for a practice. Our vision is,“to ensure that the facility provides the best possible services in an efficient manner”, keeping up with the changing dynamics and improvements happening in the practice space- all to ensure that an Organization remains competitive. The CoE will ultimately benefit from the lesson’s learned and passed on with experience which benefits the customer.
Arowana’s Centers of Excellence are:
Oracle Practice at Arowana provides our clients with key offerings in various verticals such as Manufacturing, Retail, Airlines, and Financial Services and Insurance we are geared to deliver quality solutions with robust project management tools, and best methodologies, a team of consultants who have strong domain and process competencies. Blending our industries- leading expertise in consulting, technical implementation, training, roll outs and upgrades. Hyperion, a product of Oracle has become a vital tool for Business Analytics and MIS. Arowana has spun it off as a separate practice which covers Hyperion practice and Hyperion planning.
Cloud Computing at Arowana is just taking a simpler path to cloud solutions. Cloud computing has begun to obtain mass appeal in corporate data centers as it enables the data center to operate like the internet just through a process of enabling computing resources which are accessed and shared as a virtual resource. Arowana provides reliable, failsafe and secure cloud computing service at par with the best in the industry. The engagement modules are flexible and scalable.
Big Data Analytics are used by companies which are inundated with data every day. In order to segregate and structure data that is unorganized and large, Arowana helps these companies to structure their data, prepare easy data dashboards with the help of BI tools. Companies can then understand more about their organization and customers in a better manner.
Testing CoE of Arowana covers a comprehensive range of testing covering manuals and automated testing, including specialized services to test in emerging technology platforms. Our Testing experts will provide an objective view about the quality of the product, hence helping us deliver a quality product or service to our customers.
Training given by Arowana covers a wide area within our practices and CoE. Training is given only by our consultants and senior team members who have typically put in many man years of actual practice and so they are in a better position to impart very practical training with a ‘hands-on’ approach.
Enterprise Application Integration practice helps an organization to enable organized sharing of data and business process among connected applications or data services in an enterprise.
Application Development and Management is based on CMMI compliance development standards, helps in new product engineering, covering all services is PMLC. All of Arowana’s existing range of Products and Solutions are very specific and work across platforms and databases.
Mobile Application Development team is multi-purpose cross platform enabled well versed in all mobile application technologies. We have developed very useful tools for Stock Exchanges, retail and Hospitality Verticals in iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows and Android Technologies.
Our CoE technicians have wide experience, greater technical knowledge, specialists’ toolsand more advanced testing equipment. We diagnose a higher percentage of faults and also identify the root causes of problems. Since the company is appraised at CMMI level 3 all the product and solution deliveries run through a smooth and qualitative process. Through the process of sharing problems, information and experiences, employees learn from each other, and have an opportunity to develop themselves and the organization. Our CoE has a role in developing methods and techniques so that best practice can be disseminated.

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