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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Our Areas of Business

The term ‘Vertical’ in business refers to a vertical market or industry. It is where businesses and marketers cater to the need of a specific group of people within an industry. Vertical Markets are those that focus on a specific niche and can be marketed to in a similar manner. An organization’s entire business can be a part of the vertical market or just an individual department such as an Airline, retail or just manufacturing.
Horizontal markets are those that focus on a broad range of customers and products that spread across industries. Arowana caters to a Horizontal market where sky is our limit with the number of products and services we will cater to according to our customer needs.
Arowana has a very good exposure in many important verticals. The Verticals we are very familiar with include Telecom, Airlines/ Aviation, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Master Developers, Government, Banking, Financial Sector & Insurance, Healthcare, Public Sector and Retail.
We have partnered with leading organizations in each segment and have implemented systems and solutions for them. We have a rich base of experience and Domain skills and therefore have an understanding of the ‘pain areas’ and challenges in these segments.
Arowana’s Bangalore based development center provides 24 x 7 supports through a team of dedicated technologists. The center is CMMI certified, well equipped and follow ITIL standards to safeguard the interests of our Customers.
We have unique products that are flexible and scalable that can be integrated with any organization’s Core systems. These products work in almost every environment and can be implemented with little or no investment in existing Hardware.
Our Business Analysts and Domain experts offer cost effective solutions that can be used to bridge gaps in the existing systems, whether it is in the ERP or any core functional system. We have cross platform development capabilities and multiple engagement models; we address your automation requirements well.
We are very Strong in Enterprise Application Integration, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing. Our practice covers Application Development & Management with Centers of Excellence in Oracle, SAP, Training and Testing Services. We also have very good development resources in Microsoft, Java, Oracle and Mobile Application Development.

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