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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mobility services

Just a few years ago there was still minor percentage of the usage of mobile phones as in comparison to the present age. Today Smart phones are beginning to transform the way each one of us engage in our daily lives. A stunning statistics from a United Nations report stated that “More people have access to mobile phones and internet than to clean water.”
Customer usage of phones is rapidly shifting toward increased screen time with entertainment and social media. The usage of mobile devices such as Smart phones and tablets has now become a rapid proliferation of mobile technology. A mobile device with accompanying applications has begun revolutionizing the way customers communicate and way business gets done. Not only are customers spending more time using their phones they can’t seem to put them down.
Arowana’s Mobility service has been appreciated for its portability and convenience of a quality mobile application. One can have an extensive experience with various types of applications. Every client has a different target market, budget and functionality requirements, based on these criteria’s we build a mobile strategy for our clients. 
Arowana has a focused CoE team for mobility, which builds solutions for various industry segments. The team strategizes the design, test and implementation of the right solution for the customer. A complete Mobile Application Development Services, with focus on Utility and location based services, Productivity applications, Entertainment and Games. These services span the entire mobile application development cycle from initial design and architecture, development and integration into existing systems.
Setting high standards in developing cross platform mobile applications that are light, user friendly and has intuitive interfaces, used across many verticals like Hospitality, Real Estate, Property Management, Retail and also Stock Exchanges and other Banking / Financial institutions.
Both business and consumers demand innovative and out-of-the box mobile applications that provide sophisticated user experience. The solution is delivered with better UX across various crossed platforms, retaining and enhancing the UX for an enterprise application. Every application developed by our Mobile application development team we make the technology come alive with a nice to have platform. 

Today, business treat mobile as a “must- have”, offering and have adopted a mobile-first strategy. As the time advances so does technology, that is exactly what Arowana offers quality technology delivered in your hands. Now business can be done in a smart way.


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