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Thursday, 27 November 2014

What catches your eye

Two years ago Microsoft released the 8th version of its operating system Windows 8 with major changes in its operating system’s platform. When Microsoft’s first advertisement was released for windows 8, it was a simple yet powerful ad which showcased the easy accessibility to media with touch gestures. For any user both young and old this medium has been simplified with a technique called user experience and user interface. There are two key roles a user experience plays in any website, product development or application. One a complete visually appealing visuals and the other flexible user navigation.
Stanford University conducted a study with more than 2500 participants to check on factors that provide people with web user creditability. The study proved that a good visual design took 46.1% of the cake, therefore most of the users viewed a particular site based on the overall appeal of the visual design of the site, including layout topography, font size, icons organization and color schemes. However a beautiful design will not always salvage a poorly functioning website, but it does majority of the work.
Here is a brilliant example of visual design aesthetics. If you have an Apple product iPhone, iPad, Mac anything in Apple, take a careful look at the design; it has rounded rectangle edges. Now you must be wondering why rounded edges. In the year 1981 graphics genius Bill Atkinson figured out that if the OS was enabled to draw circles and ellipses and not just rectangles with sharp edges it would overcome the Mac's 6800 chip's math limitations. Steve Jobs, ‘Father of the Macintosh’ asked for rounded rectangles and Bill was out with a solution. The logic behind this was simple the shape made larger machines approachable and small ones pocketable and they are simply easy on the eyes because the sharp edges don’t poke you in the eye, besides the brain captures a smooth surface than a sharp one.
The human brain’s cognitive area utilizes the five senses to interpret a complex design. The brain does not understand complicated designs instead it breaks down the images to understandable geometric images and deciphers information from that.
Just imagine your face not having geometry, no proper placement of the eyes, nose, and mouth. What would you look like? Who would look at you? In a similar way a website is the face of a companyto the world. A website is what creates the right impression to your clients.
Let us take color scheme for example and how colors play a key role. Every individual has his personal favorite color and he tends to gravitate towards it. A skilled designer will understand the importance of elevating a color scheme based on the meaning of color in relation to the product or service. A good color choice takes careful planning. When executed perfectly, influences how a visitor interprets what they see as layout and typography.
When Windows 8 first released its appealing glossy design and in-built-to-ease feature,  caught the eye of many people and a lot of users upgraded their systems to this new product. When I first updated my system, my mother who struggled to use a PC found Windows 8 amazing. A laptop or PC which has Windows 8 installed will draw the user’s sight to the multiple play of colors on the screen. The next feature which is an appeal to anyone is the touch and drag feature. My mother always found this amazing because the navigation was super easy, she knew how to locate her favorite apps, place them according to her convince and above all the colors always invite her to stay for a much longer time. 
We have taken a look at Apple’s UI and Microsoft’s UI, let us take a look at what’s behind the front end screen functionality, in simple terms the development or coding. Microsoft uses ‘Metro’ design language and Apple uses ‘Swift’. These tools help to code and design the web page or the application from the back end making sure the usability and navigation is flexible for any individual. A user will also look at the speed, back and forth navigation and the loading time, while using a site. A person or an analyst in charge of the UI of a product will carefully look into design and technical details of the product. A well designed product is structured in the following way; a good design that catches the eye at the first glance, good content which rings bells in the ear and an easy to use hassle free product.
One has nailed a product if you are able to please an eight year old child and a 70 year old man. What are those minute things that gives a good market reach of your apple pie?
These ingredients: an attractive design with just the right play of colors and topography to keep your visitors engaged. The rule of first impression is the best impression- a well dressed website with the right set of pictures, brand identity (logo, tagline or even a royal celebrity’s face) and how well you communicate with your content. Being technically strong avoiding 404 errors and above all effect those emotions.
“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Let everyone capture an everlasting image of what they have  just observed from you site. Communicate to what the eye has to catch, make your user go “awe” over those elements on your site. This will help you build a connection with your audience.
So what is that which catches a user’s eye first? It is the way your apple pie is presented. You need to make your audience take a look at the website just as one would look at a delicious apple pie and drool, make them feel the experience of your site. 

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