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Friday, 5 December 2014


My mother announced, “let us go to Mumbai this weekend, can you go and book the flight tickets tomorrow?” I calmly looked at her and opened my laptop, typed the names of a few booking sites checked the itinerary and voila! In a matter of 10 minutes the tickets were booked. I showed my mother a printed form. A surprised mother exclaimed “booking has become this easy?”
Well yes, booking has indeed become so easy. In the age of gadgets where everything is either at the click of a mouse or at the touch of a tab any transactions can be made in a fraction of a second.
With the e-commerce industry blooming day by day, all manual activities have become lazy and easy to do. All this is achieved by a set of back end coding done to the software.
As I sat at the airport waiting to catch my flight, I noticed a bunch of flight attendants giggling and checking in for duty. It is a fact that ground staff members of an airline get incentives in the form of free or discounted ticket claims based on their designations and grades. When it comes to business, it is not as easy as I booked a flight ticket. There are various claim procedures which an airline staff member has to follow to claim his duty travel ticket. This is a manual job for both the employer and employee.
In that case how about an easy booking system for an airline? This will reduce a lot of paper work, manual update errors, easier claim approvals and a better maintenance.
The concept of a staff travel management system is not new, there are several airlines using this software, which has been inbuilt. Arowana is not an airline company, it is a software development company which provides ready to use products that are customizable to suit your needs.
DART is one such product of Arowana, created for staff travel management systems. A product which has been used as a solution by three large clients, is software simplified for booking process.
DART means a quick movement, in a similar way Arowana’s product dart is a fast and easy tool for airline staff members, a product which can be access easily without hassles from anywhere at any point of time.
DART has various features developed under the same roof for different department purpose such as booking system for the staff, HR tracking and maintenance for the admin department and the approval sessions for senior and reporting officers. A staff member can avail a ticket for either duty purpose or for leisure travel. A claim can be made based on number of tickets available for a staff or based on the discounted rates.
A staff member has no major hassles while booking a ticket and can enjoy a wonderful weekend away from work. If booking sites like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Goibibo have made my booking easy, fun and fast, in the similar way DART has made the booking of airline staff members simple and fast.

DART, an airline staff travel management system simplified.

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