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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bridging the Public Cloud Trust Deficit

The dynamicity of dataset in business makes it difficult to maintain the accuracy of data storage. The use of traditional business applications are daunting as business being dynamic the variations of hardware and software required to run these applications are complicated and expensive.
For those businesses which have been living under a rock cloud computing is not just a fad and a big hue and cry, it is the new face of IT. ‘Cloud’ is an umbrella term, but its usage is equally efficient.
CISCO global cloud index forecasts, by 2018, more than three quarters (78 percent) of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers; 22 percent will be processed by traditional data centers, which simply means that more number of businesses will shift to cloud computing.
With the constant change of your business needs, you would require a solution that offers you the possibility to scale resources up and down in real time based on your current needs. Cloud- based services ensure users can make use of additional services and resources immediately with provisioned and automatically deployed services.
India a blooming E-commerce market and maintaining a consistent online presence is an important characteristic for all companies on today’s market. In order to maintain a large online promotion boost some companies look at investing in new servers which include a whole team of experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them. With Cloud computing a company does not have to invest in additional hardware, when the website can be hosted in cloud. A company’s dynamic servers can be cope with traffic during peak hours without the usage of extra resources. So a company pays only for the services and resources   they need eliminating CapEx costs and there is no tension of unused data either.
If you are looking out for an effective cloud product for collaborative working and a storage solution with a simple and a neat interface, Arowana is a recommended robust cloud solution. The USP of this solution is to provide its users a safe cloud service. As most companies find cloud an efficient solution, on the other hand there is a scepter of risk being involved.
Arowana believes that Public cloud deficit must be breeched, they allow you to store away data on any public cloud or storage systems without worrying about data security and privacy. You are allowed to take complete control of your digital assets irrespective of how or where you are storing your data.
It is important for every business to feel secure about their data. A lot of data requires privacy and control, secure means of transfer and storage therefore a reliable and a patient partner is what any company would require.
Any cloud computing enterprises reputation is built on providing secure, elastic and constantly available services to their customers. Individual companies would not find it efficient to invest thousands of pounds on IT hardware services, but as cloud users they benefit economically since cloud service provides invest a significant amount of money securing their servers, data centers and connections which in turn helps the end users.
Now companies can rein in IT costs, because the best thing about cloud computing is that the services can help companies be more responsive to market conditions. Depending on the need of a company cloud computing can do several different things in a secure way.
Since more companies have begun drifting towards cloud usage, the security will be ensured bridging the gap of risk factor and public deficit.

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