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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Techno vacation experience

Why do people go on a vacation? To relax, get away from daily mundane lifestyle, keep the mind away from coding and many such reasons.
When people go on a vacation they are not just looking for a good holiday spot, but a good hotel which makes their stay a memorable one.
Several hotels in the hospitality industry are striving to provide their customer with not just a room with basic amenities but a room which is technologically censored to provide comfort and relaxation.
When I state technologically censored in simple terms I mean room automation. Room automation is a remote controlled mechanism which helps guests to a hotel to operate several hardware devices with a remote controlled system.
The Idea is simple. All appliances in a room such as lights, room security cameras, locks, curtains, television, music systems are all connected with a hardware chip which in turn is coded with software on a remote or mobile platform to synchronize and work on one touch mechanism.
Hotels upgrade to automated rooms to provide that extra luxury and comfort to clients. When one device can control the entire appliance in a room, a traveler has to just sit back and enjoy the luxury technology has to offer.
Hotels have a Building Management System or a Property Management system. These systems control data of property, staff, bookings, reservations, cancellations, security. The data is vast and can be connected with an automation device.
So as a guest utilizes certain amenities such as reserving a conference room, or booking a dinner table, this data is routed to the PMS which in turn helps hotel staff to keep a check on the activities of the guest.
A guest does look out for a relaxing holiday; a luxurious hotel makes the guest feel heavenly. The idea of Automation is to provide luxury and comfort. If a person has taken a holiday to feel lazy, hotels are striving to give their guest the same. A lazy holiday with a technology smart tool.

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