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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Happy User

From mending pencils to Photoshop illusions, graphic designers try to create those essence of love for a user’s experience. We all want to fall in love with our gadgets, when our sense of sight, sound and touch meet the device’s interface.

I assume most of you are born during the 80’s or 90’s and have all used gadgets like a videotape player to watch a movie or carried a A5 sized music player, played video games on a small hand held black and white screen game boy. At that point just owning these gadgets amused us and we did not stop to perceive user experience of the device.

Technology trends are changing like a woman’s wardrobe, new trends just come and go. We have so many choices when it comes to gadgets that at several points it just leaves us baffled like a woman stating there are no clothes in her closet when she stores a truck load. The point is that every website, device, app which arrives in the market comes with the tag of feel good when you use, we sit hours to decide on the appeal and use before we actually buy a gadget.

A simple example of user experience is our smart phones, which have changed from black and white to color. My first phone was a Nokia 1100 which I owned in the year 2008. A phone barely half the size of my palm with a monochrome graphic display of one and half inches, a flashlight to guide me in the dark and two mini games which ended at level 9. In just 7 seven years I owned around 9 different phones each changing in shape and size and user experience. Just  as  children grow a few inches every year so do our smart phone screens they grow every year inches by inches. From a one and half inch type phone to a 5 inch touch phone when have all experienced the technology growth.

We belong to Gen X and we have grown with the change in technology. It is very likely that there is someone of Gen Y reading this article who  has had an interaction with a product or service that doesn’t work the way they think it should  and have felt frustrated, confused, stupid and perhaps angry or even written a review on Amazon explaining the same.

Product makers do know that the users of their products are their customers and any of these sad emoticons are the last thing they want them to experience when engaging with their business. So the put on their thinking caps, pull up their socks and come up with version point upgrades.

Another thing is that customers are like stray cats they are loyal to place and objects that give them comforts. In simple terms if your users have a bad experience with your product or website they will go to your competitors. So you not only lose a customer but your competitors score a browine point.
It is also well known that loyal customers make some of the best brand evangelists. Having this kind of customer should be your ultimate goal and great UX helps achieve this.

Don't we love selfies, selfies are the 'yo' trend. Our 2 or 5 mega pixel front cameras are not enough to give us those picture perfect photographs. What do we want a 15 mega pixel camera with flash? A Photoshop app in our  phones. We get bored easily we always want more or better, ever since primitive type has evolved to smart touch we are anticipating the ultimatum. 

Our customers are our users. Whether it is website, apps or gadgets our customers like something that is easy, pleasant and natural for users to be comfortable to use. If our customers are able to engage with us using our product consider it sold.

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