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Monday, 15 June 2015

Make the right move

Digital marketing is like an eel, impulsive, erratic and volatile. The moment you try to catch this eel there is a new fugacious eel which requires catching.

With blue prints of future technologies it is like running a fool’s errand to keep up with this dynamic industry. There seems to be no beam balance of chasing capricious trends and an ossifying Luddite. There is an in between solution where in digital marketing  specialists identify current trends, settle on an actionable strategy, and take measurable movement forward, which help them to strike the right cord and reach the desired goal.

Ask me or any digital marketing specialist where do they put all their marketing eggs? Without much thought, our answer will be ‘Google’. It is true that this giant on a bean stalk cannot be dethroned and their golden goose cannot be stolen so easily, but customers on the other hand do like to try and look out for alternatives. Just think about this if Facebook has to introduce a search engine to their web of services, we surely know which spider will be stealing those flies away. It is the digital marketers duty to connect with these diverting customers and bring them to target point.

On my previous week’s blog about Pocket Technology we saw how in twenty years all those huge gadgets that lie around us calls in our pockets as one small device the 'smart phone'. We know that US has the largest number of mobile users, as of January 2014: 90% of American adults own a cell phone. India and China are catching the train of mobile ownership.  With internet on a smart phone users not  just download apps and search the net, they read the newspaper, send mails, track their parcels get directions, book shows some event set their diet plan on the phones. We know what we do with our smart phones. For a Digi marketing specialist this is data, figures a boom of the modern marketing era. This may be utterly cliche, overrated, but the fact is, our customers are on the mobile market.

I have been in this stream for over 3 years, so my social networking pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are others) have the same amount of online presence. Our pages are growing organically and we have built up a pretty decent following in each channel and our audience have begun to engage more with our content. What's the next question is answered by driving these leads into business. Social Media is Zeus lighting bolt for lead generation, if used right this powerful tool can create wonders in our business. With a lot of experimenting, testing, patience and dedication to post highly valuable content for our audience we build social conversations. We communicate to get a better response.

Currently the future of PPC's is looking grim as more search marketers are using organic strategies to do the job in addition to this the ad campaign area has now become limited and restricted due to growing competition. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads were once a hot ticket item in the world of search marketing, serving as an excellent complementary strategy for practically any type of business. Weather we like it or not sometimes we have to let money do all the talking at times to build a viable strategy.

We have have all done algorithms when we were in college, those sums were always tricky. Digital marketing also following algorithms.  It will infuriate us, delight us, confuse us, and disappoint us. But it will change. It is not just Google's  search engine results page (SERPs) which we consider we need to take a look at Bing, Facebook and Twitters algorithm as well.

According to Forbes one of the most fascinating trends in 2015 is the continued evolution of growth hacking. Growth hacking will continue to demonstrate its indomitable power in the face of unlikely odds.

Where strategy applies there is bond to be risk and failure. Despite various market treats and several intimidating change in trends we still take bold steps and move forward. Closing our eyes and jumping head first into new trends would not help a business grow via digital marketing. A cautious experiment with trends will helps us count our customers and turn them into leads.


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