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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Enriching lifestyles

Imagine waking up in the morning at your hotel to the sweet sound of your favourite artist, the draperies opens to reveal the glorious sunshine welcoming you to a new day. The music you left behind begins to fade and sensing its master's presence, the lights in the bathroom turns on and greets you as you walk in. The wall-flushed monitor turns on and automatically switches to your favourite news channel from CNN. All you need is a smart phone or a tablet.
Our phones these days are smart, when we get all features in form of apps on the phone then why not have hotel automation controlled by mobile apps.

With new technology trends changing the way various industries function, the hospitality domains too look at ways to improve customer experience. Hotels and property developers are now looking into automation changes for their hospitality properties. 
Innovations being  so powerful and compelling it is disrupting our lifestyles and habits. Google, Facebook, dornes, 3D printing all these technologies in some way can disrupt significant aspects of our lives. But the one area, where entrepreneurs would do well to be as little disruptive as possible is the $1.2 billion market of automation.

Our home breed a sense of familiarity, a cocoon that one goes back to at the end of a day's work. We are bid by habits which are a framework that guides our everyday living. We turn on and off lights, draw the drapes, control the room temperature. When we go on a holiday our hotel rooms are serviced to give us comfortable home like stay. 

Change is something that all entrepreneurs of the hospitality domains look forward to. Most hospitality sectors are looking at tools that play the rule of three: Sensors for detection, mobile apps that remotely control them, and a cloud that stores and analyses behavior. 

At the hardware level the automation system must be discrete and invisible since it is another presence in the hotel room the solutions or sensors should be nondescript, mundane even. It should blend into the walls, mimic a customers behavior, become an extension of existing habits, not change them. 

Home automation solutions are now being adapted by various hotels and property developers around the world in an effort to help consolidate the costs associated with rising energy prices. Within the field of green technology, smart automation solutions are making a great impact on the industry. From automated temperature control systems to smart-energy lighting solutions, programmable automated technology is changing the world around us for a brighter future. 

Control drapes, lights, temperature, with a remote. No more getting out of beds to draw them. No more going round behind sofas to reach the light switches. Just turn them off them at the touch of a remote or touchscreen. A smart device device which makes a hotel guest's stay relaxed and comfortable. 

A technology that is not disruptive, but a product which adapts to our settings.


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