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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monsoon Blues

The monsoons evoke a bag of mixed feelings ranging from mischief, playfulness, fun and romance to misery, gloominess, filthiness and irritation. Some enjoy stepping out in the rain going for long rides, while some enjoy sipping hot beverages and having some snacks and watching a movie, while some others enjoy snuggling under a cozy blanket and some taking a long walk.
Overflowing drains, flooded roads, pot holes, heavy noisy traffic,  fallen trees causing long power cuts could be highly damping for city bound office goers. After a long day at work with these unavoidable circumstances the rains can make you cringe.
Sometimes when we sit at our office desks and watch the rain lash against our windows. We feel lethargic, lazy, moody and sleepy. This is a common seasonal affective disorder. The muggy weather can surely upset us and we could get distracted from our routine tasks.

Here are few things to do to beat office monsoon blues:

Take a break: Working for long hours in a gloomy weather can make one feel exhausted faster. Take a break. Stack your drawers with your favorite snacks, a bottle of hot chocolate (hot chocolate drinks are the best to sip during a cold rainy day). Smile at you fellow colleague or try to find a colleague at the cafeteria with whom you can discuss world news and other happenings.

Choose a bright wardrobe: We will not realize it, but being around dull colors such as black and grey has the same effect as the weather outside. Wear vibrant colors such as shades of red, blue, green, yellow. Decorate your work station with indoor plants, a tiny table fish tank with colorful fishes, posters, photographs will always give you a reason to work in a lively manner. A brighter you on the outside will translate into a vibrant you on the inside.

Exercise: Keeping your body active not only pumps up your heart rate and boosts blood flow; it also helps release happy hormones into your body, which plays an important and effective role in controlling stressful situations and work loads.

Choose public transport or Carpool: People driving or riding in heavy rains are likely to be accident prone. Public transport may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is the best option during monsoon. Carpooling is another option, this also avoids getting stuck and feeling frustrated alone in the traffic, when you carpool  even if you are stuck you have two or three people to chat or crack a joke or two and the journey back home will be fun.

Cozy:  When it rains we would all love to snuggle and sleep. Keep a pair of warm clothes in your office drawer or locker. You can always wrap yourself and feel cozy while you work. Sometimes too much coziness will make your eye shut and tempt you to sleep. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and wipe your face with wet wipes to avoid dozing at your desk.

Monsoons are the best, if we take care of our monsoon blues we will tend to enjoy working in this moist weather.


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