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Monday, 29 September 2014

Oracle Practice

Today, enterprises operate in a dynamic business environment with an increasingly complex technology landscape. A comprehensive application suite that seamlessly integrates operations and provides value is required to address the challenges posed by disparate enterprise applications.
Businesses across industries are changing rapidly to address new challenges and capitalize on previously unseen business opportunities for business innovations and expansion. Emerging technology are reshaping business processes across industries profoundly. This demands that IT offers more flexible, agile and intelligent solutions to drive innovation and productivity of business processes.
Oracle Fusion Applications is the next generation application suite from Oracle, which is designed and developed on Oracle Middleware. It includes best of- breed functionality from existing oracle product lines.
Arowana has made significant investments in Oracle Fusion Applications to incorporate the best practices that oracle has shared with the company. Oracle Fusion Application Architecture enabled Companies to innovate, build on existing investments and seamlessly integrate with multi-platform systems to maximize their Returns on Investment (ROI) and also adopt easily to new disruptive and emerging technologies.
Arowana is a Gold partner of Oracle. Therefore uniquely positioned to enable Organizations to be early adapters and surmount the initial challenges and reap the benefits.
The company has experience in Oracle Fusion Middleware technologies can help Organizations in continuous development and support. With the engagement of other Organizations in Consultation and familiarization programs Arowana is enabled to leverage the Fusion applications with appropriate tools, accelerators, development methodologies and fusion framework.

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